Work as PT

Come down and join the team, be a part of England’s oldest Premiere Hardcore Gym. Castle Gym offers fantastic facilities for Personal trainers to train their clients. From tones of equipment in Iron jungle weight rooms to the private 1-1 studio surroundings. Castle Gym is perfect for all kinds of trainers and client abilities. Castle Gym also helps promote and boost your client base.

  • Competitive gym rent payable weekly monlthy and PAYG

  • Reduced rates for class instructors

  • Brand new state of the art fitness studio available for completely private PT

  • FOUR separate rooms to work in

  • Extensive selection of specialist equipment/machines

  • Opportunity to gain clients through the gym


Why Castle Gym

  • Tones of Free weight equipment (over 10,000kg of weights, dumbbells from 1kg to 70kg, 5 free weight Benches, 3 Squat racks)
  • State of the art studio (BRAND NEW state of the art private Studio with mood lighting, mirrored walls, air con, sled tracks, surround sound, wide range of equipment)
  • Cardio rooms ( 20 pieces of Cardio equipment including tredmils, bikes, stair climbers, cross trainers)
  • Weighted machines for every body part ( over 120 Hardcore Machines for every body part)
  • Bring as many clients as you want (unlimited usage 7 days a week)
  • No need to sign Clients up ( clients come and go with no contracts or extra fees)

Get in touch


    Address: Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 1FB Phone: 0115 9470319

    Opening Hours
    Monday: 6am – 9pm
    Tuesday: 6am – 9pm
    Wednesday: 6am – 9pm
    Thursday: 6am – 9pm
    Friday: 6am – 8pm
    Saturday: 8am – 4pm
    Sunday: 8am – 1pm