The Castle Gym Studio has temporarily been transformed into Rapid Testing Centre.

Rapid Testing Centre is Nottingham’s first and largest private Covid testing centre.

Owner of Castle Gym, Luke Willmott, made the decision to convert the studio during the new year after the announcement of the 3rd UK national lockdown.

Luke said:

It’s been sad to watch months and months of interviews and live reports on the news of the hard working NHS struggling with the increasing demands that this pandemic has caused.

Having been through 3 national lockdowns the gym wasn’t going to be open for months so I made the decision to help. I wanted to help relieve some of the stress and strain on the NHS by opening a Covid testing centre.

I did my research, I spoke with experts, and I bought the protective gear and sanitary products. I want to get Nottingham back to work, and back to seeing their loved ones safely!

All the tests available are government approved and are more accurate than home tests, they are all performed by trained professionals and you have an allocated booking time to increase your safety.

Available tests are:

You can also get a Fit to Fly certificate should you require it for essential travel.

While we of course want to get you all back to the amazing classes held in the studio, the space will temporarily be Rapid Testing Centre.

We are doing our part to help protect the local community and provide an essential service to the people of Nottingham as we resume our lives coming out of lockdown.

Not only that but we offer a discount on the prices of our tests to Castle Gym members so be sure to contact Luke or the team for more information.

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