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Beginner’s Guide to Shredding

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Here at Castle Gym, we’re going to share with you some of the best tips we have for beginners on how to get shredded.

Keep in mind that every expert was once a beginner (bonus points if you can tell us where that came from!).

When you first begin exercising or when you want to attempt something new, it might be challenging to know exactly what to do.

To help you get shredded, we have put together a few suggestions!

Strength training

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Although losing fat is important, having more muscle underneath will make you appear more ripped.

The most crucial step in gaining muscle is selecting the activities that will help you increase your strength. Planks, oblique twists, leg lifts, and sit-ups are the finest exercises to perform.

A better definition of your stomach can be achieved by building up and strengthening your abs. Don’t, however, limit your attention to core exercises; general lean mass gain can help you get better outcomes and make the procedure simpler.

Additionally, your abs are involved in a lot of complex lifting motions and hard lifting in general. If you haven’t been doing any strength training or lifting weights in addition to your ab exercises, this is something you might want to consider.

Eat enough protein

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Increased protein intake is regarded to be advantageous whether you’re trying to shed weight or build muscle. This macro is important in ensuring that you have the nutrients you need to develop, maintain, and repair your lean tissue, all of which are requirements for strength training.

One gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, or slightly more if in a calorie deficit, should make up at least 30% of your daily calories. Alternatively, consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight.

In a calorie deficit, protein also protects your muscle tissue, assisting in the loss of more body fat and less lean body mass.

Cutting calories

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Calories function in such a way that they supply all of the daily energy requirements of your body. You consume calories from food and drink, and you expend calories through normal physical activities and motions.

Overeating causes calories to be stored as fat, which is a form of reserved energy. Additionally, if you consume less food than you need, you must draw on these reserves and essentially use your body fat as fuel.

It’s crucial to avoid drastically reducing your calorie intake. While this might momentarily speed things up, you risk losing valuable lean mass, and it can play a drastic part on your metabolic rate.

WARNING – Calorie counting is not advised for individuals with an eating disorder. The physical toll on someone to get shredded can be dangerous if not done safely. For advice on eating disorders or calorie counting and diet information, visit the NHS website.

Control your stress levels

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When your life is badly impacted by high levels of stress, this might result in an increase in the storage of fat, particularly abdominal fat.

Calorie restriction will help mitigate part of this. However, stress can affect our willpower and increase our desires, making it tougher to stay on your diet.

You might be able to lose more body fat and achieve greater outcomes if you can learn to manage your everyday stress or at least channel it in a more constructive way.

Getting more sleep, working out, meditation, looking at the views when walking, going on holiday, keeping a journal, and improving time management are some typical methods for reducing stress.

Sleep more

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Both muscular development and fat loss require plenty of rest. Your muscles are torn down as you use them, which promotes strengthening and growth. However, real muscular growth takes place during periods of rest, such as sleep.

Regarding fat removal, multiple research has found a connection between poor sleep and increased belly fat.

Sleep is also crucial for general healing because it keeps our energy levels high and our moods steady. Both of which, if not properly handled, might diminish our motivation to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

To achieve the best effects and lessen weariness, try to get at least 7 hours of good sleep each night.


Letter tiles saying "Why not today", motivation to get shredded

Gaining the habits and new regimen can be challenging when you first start strength training.

It’s crucial to remember that you will see results more quickly the more consistently you follow through and the harder you work for your objectives.

Never evaluate your performance in comparison to others; doing so might significantly lower motivation. Instead, reflect on your own accomplishments to help you feel more motivated and confident.

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