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Meal Planning Like a Pro

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When it comes to meal planning, not all of us are aware of what we should do and how we can improve on it.

The best thing about meal planning is that you don’t have to be an expert but if you follow the right steps then you’re sure to get the job done.

Here at Castle Gym, we have come up with some tips to help you meal plan like a pro!

Meal Plan for the Week

The first step is to plan your meals for the week. Start by writing down five things you’re going to eat this week.

For example, if it’s Tuesday, decide what you want to eat on Monday and Tuesday. Then move on to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you’re having a lot of trouble coming up with ideas for days off from work (like weekends), scroll through recipe websites until something catches your eye!

Once you have your list of meals made up, try not to deviate too much from it throughout the week.

This will help ensure that there are no surprises when it comes time to make dinner (and save yourself from going out at night).

Meal Planning Castle Gym

Make a Grocery List Based on Your Plan

Next, it’s time to Make a Grocery list based on your meal plan.

You’ll want to include the ingredients you need for each recipe. As well as any additional ingredients needed for snacks and other meals you’ll be making during the week.

If you’re trying to cut costs and stick with a budget, this is also the time when you can cross off any unnecessary items that are just taking up space in your cupboards.

If there are certain staples—like rice or beans—that have been sitting in your cupboard for months, consider replacing them with something new!

Cook Food on Sundays

Meal prep on a Sunday, or whenever you have free time in bulk.

Stocking up is a great way to ensure that you have healthy food on hand at all times.

Cooking in bulk, then freezing or refrigerating portions as soon as they’re done, means that you can always have an assortment of ready-to-eat meals at your disposal.

This also allows you to make better use of your time and energy each day.

You won’t need to go shopping for groceries at a moment’s notice because you’ll already have everything you need in advance, allowing for more relaxed meal planning throughout the week.

Cooking is also one of those skills that can be mastered over time as long as one is willing to practice consistently (which isn’t difficult considering how many delicious recipes there are out there).

By starting with simple dishes like soups and stews, then moving up from there into more complex recipes like casseroles and curries (and so forth), anyone can become an accomplished home chef!

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Have a Healthy Snack Stash

Keep an ample stash of healthy snacks, such as nuts and dried fruit, in the cupboard. Snacks are a great way to stave off hunger between meals until you get home from work or school.

Plus, they’re portable and packed with nutrition so you can grab them on your way out the door.

Keep a variety of options on hand at all times so you don’t get bored with your routine.

If there’s something new that catches your eye at the grocery store or farmers’ market, buy some and try it out! You may discover a new favourite treat!

Experiment with Recipes

One of the best ways to learn is by practising.

Why not take a weekend and try out a new recipe? Try something you’ve never made before or pick a recipe that’s different from what you usually make.

Restaurant chefs often experiment with ingredients and recipes in their kitchens, so why shouldn’t you? If you don’t like what happens, no big deal: it was just an experiment!

You can always go back to your old standby or try again later on.

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Planning is Essential to Success

Planning helps you save time and money. When you plan your meals, you will spend less time searching for recipes or thinking about what to cook.

You’ll also be able to buy ingredients in bulk when they’re on sale, which saves lots of money.

Plus, because planning gives you a weekly menu with specific recipes, it’s easy to make your grocery list in advance.

Planning helps keep up with healthy eating habits.

Planning ahead and knowing exactly what’s coming next week rather than just making decisions day by day based on what looks good at the time can lead to food which looks the nicest but most of the time has no nutritional value.

Planned meals mean variety too! It can help prevent making the same foods over and over again.

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