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A Guide on Self-Care and Love for Women

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Self-love and self-care are such important steps to living a happy, and healthy life.

In this busy day and age, doing a Dolly Parton and working the 9-5 grind can be exhausting and makes us feel run down.

How often do you take time to prioritise your own needs?

There are many different benefits to taking time for yourself (and no it’s not selfish)! These practices can help with enhancing your relationships with yourself and others, becoming more productive and it also helps to prevent burnout.

Check-in with yourself on a regular basis and ask yourself if you’re really okay. Listen to what your mind and body need, and take steps to fulfil yourself.

Life is all about balance, you need time to yourself too. Life is about having fun and enjoying yourself. If you don’t take time to do your hobbies or the things you enjoy, you will easily get stressed and more irritable.

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Stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in social media and compare your life to other people’s. The fact is, everyone is living their own adventure on separate pathways and it’s important to remember that.

Additionally, don’t forget that the majority of what you see on social media is fake. Other people only want you to see the best parts- which is probably about 1%!

Take some time away from your phone, arrange to meet up with friends, and make future plans to look forward to. It can help to increase levels of happiness and life quality.

Whilst you’re working on yourself, it is so important to remember that it’s perfectly okay to have days where you feel as though you haven’t achieved as much as you’d have liked. Ease up on yourself if you haven’t reached your fitness goal or if you’ve gone out for a meal when you’re on a meal plan or diet.

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Treat Yourself

Life is about living and making memories, it’s absolutely fine to have days off. It’s what makes us sane. You’re allowed to go and have fun, to treat yourself, to buy yourself nice food and clothes!

No plan is as simple as going from A to B. You will have days where you feel like giving up. However, those are the days that will push you forward and enable you to continue embarking on your journey.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people who support and encourage you. Most importantly, you can also be your own champion!

Physical and mental health come hand in hand. In other words, being active can help increase your energy and stamina. As a result, this will increase endorphins.

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Physical Self-Care

The gym is a great way to escape from your mind and to keep healthy and active. Castle Gym has a great range of memberships able to suit your flexibility and lifestyle.

We have great members of staff and Personal Trainers to help you through your journey, on the good days and the bad.

It is important to recognise your achievements and appreciate your abilities. Appreciate your unique capabilities, and accept that you are your own person, with such strong, incredible features.

Take time out to practise speaking about yourself in a positive way. Write a diary entry at the end of each day outlining everything that you’re proud of yourself for.

Self-care is different from selfishness. Ultimately, if we are feeling overwhelmed, we can’t be useful to others. Investing in yourself is a priority in life.

You deserve love, you deserve to take time for yourself and you deserve respect. Your life is just as important as others.

Prioritise self-care this February.

Kickstart your self-care journey by signing up for a gym membership today.