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Why Choose a Castle Gym Membership

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There are many reasons why you should consider Castle Gym for your next gym membership in Nottingham.

Not only will we help to achieve your goals, dream body and physique; we will also look after your mindset and make sure that your mental wellbeing is as healthy as your appetite.

Castle Gym knows how hard it can be to keep up your routine. We understand how difficult the battle with your brain can be when you want to give up.

That’s why we will always make sure our staff, trainers (and therapy dog) are by your side to get you through the tough times.

We will push you to your limits, we will give you the motivation you need and we will help you wherever we can. We only want the best for our members, including you.

Our gym is a safe environment. We are a team and we will always help each other out wherever we can. Not only are we one of the best gyms in Nottingham, we are also a home from home. Castle Gym is a community and a family.

Our gym has everything you need! From top-quality equipment to personal trainers who will provide you with in-depth meal and workout plans.

You are in this for you, and therefore we are more than happy to go at your pace, nothing is too much or too little for us here at Castle Gym.

We also sell supplements to make sure you are getting the correct amount of nutrition and vitamins to help achieve your goals. Our trainers and staff have unbelievable amounts of knowledge to help find the best options for you.

Our staff has extensive knowledge within the supplement and nutrition industry. We also have incredible therapists on-site to help you post-workout.

Whether it’s a sports massage, neuromuscular therapy massage, or even a deep tissue massage, we can get you feeling like a brand new human and take any pain you may have, right away from you.

We have plenty of different membership plans to suit your own needs, budget and time schedule. You can visit the gym as much as you’d like, or as little as you’d like.

We have a wide range of personal trainers who will also be happy to assist you, who also have a range of different plans and price points to be perfectly suited around you and your lifestyle.

We are Castle Gym, we are ready and we are here for you. For a flexible membership that suits you, sign up for a Castle Gym Nottingham membership today!