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Workout Hacks for Fat Loss

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Weight is something we all struggle with. Body image and the way we feel and see ourselves is a constant battle and journey. There are different types of workouts, with these come various methods and techniques depending on the goals you want to achieve. Castle Gym have a few workout hacks for fat loss.

Winter can be a challenging time to work out due to the colder weather and darker days. For those of you who prefer running, cycling, or other outdoor activities you will need to look to a gym or home workout to keep up your fitness.

Winter can also be a time when we may feel the laziest or fatigued so keeping your workouts interesting can help you with your motivation.

When it comes to fat loss and toning there are two main ways to complete this goal, both ways must be with the proper nutrition.

workout hacks for fat loss

Method 1 – Cardio

The first way is cardio 3 times a week. This is not just going for a 5 mile run on the treadmill even though that would help and would be good for recovery sessions.

The best type of cardio for fat loss is HIIT training (High-Intensity Interval Training). This consists of short, fast exercises that make up 30 minutes – 45 minutes of training every other day.

Doing HIIT training will take your heart rate up past the fat-burning zone and into the “wait what is happening” zone. That is a zone you want to be hitting every cardio session.

Not only will this significantly improve your fitness level, but, the high intensity will get your whole body pumping and sweating which will help overall weight loss.

Many trainers will tell you that it is difficult to target specific areas for fat loss, and this does have truth to it, but, you can target specific areas for toning and general fitness improvement.

For example, you could focus on leg related HIIT exercises such as lunges, squats, jumping jacks. Or for a core focus, you can use exercises such as twists, sit-ups, crunches, planking.

The best part of HIIT training is that you do not require equipment and it can be done anywhere – at the gym, in your bedroom, in the living room, wherever you feel comfortable and have space to move.

workout hacks for fat loss 2

Method 2 – Weight Training

The other way to shred fat and tone the body is weight training, I know this sounds controversial but there is a way to train weights and drop fat at the same time. Weight training doesn’t just have to be about muscle gain.

The key to fat loss through weight training is to increase the reps and sets that you do on each machine or exercise using free weights.

Most people when they weight train will go for new personal bests and try to increase weight. So, instead of doing an 80kg squat for 5 reps, decrease the weight to 40kg and do 15 – 20 reps.

Do this for every exercise you do, whether you are curling dumbbells at home or using weight machines at the gym. By using this method you will increase your fitness and tone your muscles. In comparison to heavyweight training which will lead more towards muscle building.

If you can balance these types of fat loss exercises with a healthy balanced diet you’ll be right on track! We have a few previous blogs on healthy eating that you can check out for recipe ideas.

We hope our workout hacks for fat loss help you with your body transformation journey.

Something else to remember is that we all have different body types, so don’t expect to progress at the same pace as others if you are doing the same thing.

If you are exercising and eating healthy, yet you are not seeing positive progress, then it may be worth looking into a personal trainer.

Castle Gym’s personal trainers can help create a specially designed workout and diet routine that will work for you and your body.

Contact us for more information or for a personal training quote.