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How to Build Confidence in the Gym

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For some people, the gym can feel like an intimidating place. It can be difficult to start and continue a routine at the gym. Our team wants to help give you some tips on how to build confidence in the gym.

Firstly let’s talk about some of the things that can make the gym seem intense or scary for a newcomer.

Negative Gym Aspects

Going to a new place can be nerve-wracking for anyone. Finding your way around, incorporating this new place into your life, learning the layout, being part of a new community.

Being a beginner in an environment where it may feel like people are experts who all know what they are doing can make it feel like it is difficult to make a start.

Feeling comfortable with yourself and your body to give yourself positive energy to go into a gym and make a change for the better.

Claustrophobia and anxiety can impact the lives of so many people, a busy gym can be something that triggers these. Well-known gyms or small but popular gyms can pose an issue for those who prefer personal space and quieter environments.

Fear and pride can be strong emotions. Asking for help can be something that people shy away from for either of these reasons. It could be a fear of needing help or talking to a stranger, or not wanting to hurt your pride and ego by admitting to needing help.

Overall mental health issues can feel like a barrier as well. Most of us will experience some kind of mental health difficulties in our lives. Whether this is anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, eating disorders or something else. These can be barriers in our lives in a number of ways, putting yourself first and looking after yourself physically can sometimes be at the back of your mind when you are fighting mental battles on a daily basis.

How to Build Confidence in the Gym 2

How to Build Confidence in the Gym

Let’s tackle these negatives one by one!

To help you with feelings of anxiety towards going to a new gym we recommend having a visit or taster session before signing up for anything. Most gyms will happily show you around and may even offer a free tryout session.

At Castle Gym we have a free day pass so that newcomers can try out all of our facilities before choosing whether to join. Having this initial recon will help give you an idea of the layout, the community, the staff, and if you would feel comfortable at that gym.

Being a Beginner

Nerves about being a beginner! Let’s be honest, we have all felt this way at some point. Our best advice would be to go into your own bubble. Try not to worry about what anyone else is doing or what they may think.

One of the rules we have at Castle Gym is to leave your ego at the door and to respect all members and staff. We respect anyone who wants to try and better themselves so beginners are always welcome!

If this still does not help build confidence in the gym for you then you could always ask for an induction to help you understand the machines and what they are used for. Or, if you are still struggling you could hire a personal trainer to guide you through your new workout journey.

Body Positivity

Feeling comfortable in your own body is something that you may never 100% feel. However, that must mean that you have a goal that you want to achieve by joining the gym. Use these feelings to make healthy, achievable goals to motivate you for your workout.

If you feel anxious or body-conscious due to the stereotype of muscles and fit, toned people in the gym, then remember that they have worked hard to get there. If that is something you want then you can achieve it, and you are being extremely brave to make the start towards a better you.

Busy Gyms

Chains or cheap gyms can often attract large membership numbers which results in extremely busy peak times. If you would prefer training when the gym is quieter and less crowded try avoiding peak times. Try to plan your workout away from those choke point times such as before and after normal working hours.

Thanks to an increase in flexible working we have seen a positive change in those peak busier times, but, they are still crowded times at many places. If you can’t avoid these peak times try and avoid chain gyms that are likely to be the busiest. Look for those small businesses that will be quieter.

Asking for Help

This is not something you should be ashamed, scared or anxious about. Our staff are all trained to ensure that you are happy with how to use the machines, what workouts you could do, advice on supplements and more. Staff at gyms are paid to help you, if you are paying for a membership make the most of your investment and ask for that support as and when you need it!

Mental Health

There are very few people who have not experienced mental health difficulties. We have a full blog piece with advice on mental health and how the gym and exercise can help you.

The main thing we would say is to be proud of any progress or activity you do. If you struggle on a daily basis, make sure you reward yourself for the little positives that you do. If you go for a walk, a short run, a home workout, whatever you manage to do, be proud!

At Castle Gym we will be there to support you through your journey and to help build your confidence in the gym.

We hope our tips will help you on your personal journey.

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