Muscle Gain Workout Tips

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Building muscle is different for everyone. Our bodies are different so the same diets and exercise routines may not work for every person. With that in mind, our personal training team here at Castle Gym have put together some muscle gain workout tips.

Firstly, you need to determine why you want to build muscle, and what you are doing it for. There are different reasons to build muscle:

  • Volume
  • Strength
  • Aesthetic
  • Power

Depending on what type of muscle you want to build will give you a different type of training style. It is equally important to make sure that you think about what diet and supplements you may want to take to help you achieve your goals with your exercise routine.

To begin your muscle gain journey, you can break the week down into 4 days of training: push, pull, legs, and cardio.



This works on all push exercises including chest, shoulders and triceps.

A few muscle gain workouts we love for push days are: Flat bench press, incline bench chest press, chest fly, overhead press, rear delt raises, cable or dumbbell laterals, overhead extensions, and dips.

If you are new to free weights, we would recommend using the weight machines to begin with to build your strength and increase your familiarity with the movement and rhythm for the exercises.

For those who are more used to free weights, the best advice we have is to focus first on the number of repetitions, you can do before you go and attempt to smash your personal best every time.

Of course, increasing the weights you use is great too, we would always advise having someone to spot you if you are attempting a new increase in weight.


This works on the full-back, including traps, lats, rear deltoids, and rotator cuff.

Here are a few of our favourite muscle gain workouts for a pull day: Dumbbell rows, pull-ups, barbell curls, deadlifts, chin-ups, shrugs, lat pulldowns, and concentration curls.

Similarly, to the push day exercises, we recommend focussing firstly on your technique and your repetition endurance before increasing the weights.

One of the most important things to remember when you are working on muscle gain is that a perfect technique will benefit you more than fast reps or heavy lifts with poor technique.


On leg day you will work on all major muscles in the legs such as quadriceps, glutes, hips, hamstrings, and calves.

We all love and hate leg day. The feeling of jelly legs when you have the tackle stairs after your workout, soaking in the bath or icing those sore muscles. However, your legs should always be part of your weekly routine.

Some of our favourite leg day exercises for muscle gain are: Weighted squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, lunges, leg curls, and leg press.

An important tip to remember when it comes to building leg muscle is to make sure you are eating enough protein. This will help to allow enough rest and repair time between your workout sessions as well.


I know what you are thinking cardio? How does cardio apply to a muscle gain workout? I want to gain muscle.

Whilst cardio does not necessarily help to directly build muscle in the way that strength training does, it should still be a part of your exercise plan. A well-rounded routine will help you reach your goals faster.

The best way to do cardio and keep the muscle gains is HIIT training. Either bodyweight or lightweight high-intensity training only, doing this for 30 minutes 1-3 times a week will greatly improve your overall fitness.

By choosing a fully rounded exercise routine you will not only feel fitter faster, but you will also proportionally increase your muscle gains. By exercising different muscle groups on different days, you will also allow appropriate time for your muscles to repair.

A Few Final Muscle Gain Tips

Alongside these workout tips we also highly recommend adjusting your diet. Muscle gain can be strenuous on your body, it is important to increase the protein in your diet to accommodate your exercise goal.

The amount of muscle mass you want to gain and the type of muscle tone you are aiming for will affect what other changes you may wish to make. For example, you may also want to heavily reduce your carbohydrate intake. Or, you could decide to add protein shakes into your routine to help boost your energy and calorie count.

If you are looking to take supplements to enhance your muscle gain workout routine, we would recommend supplements containing protein or amino acids, these will help with repair and growth.

Finally, this is the easiest tip of all – get your sleep!

When you work out your muscles you tear them in order for them to grow. Getting enough sleep as well as having a high protein diet will help your body to repair your muscles throughout the night.

We hope you find our muscle gain workout tips helpful.

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