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Keeping up Motivation

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Keeping up motivation can feel challenging. Given the year we have had it has felt like a mammoth task getting used to our normal pre-covid routines.

Going out to work, seeing friends and family, going to the gym, going on holiday, all these things are back on our agendas now. However, motivating ourselves to get back into these things has been tough.

Fear not! Our Castle Gym team is here to help. We have been through these struggles just as you have, we understand the difficulties of keeping up motivation.

That is why we have put together some of our best tips to help you out!

Start Slow…

First off, when you are struggling to get back into exercising the most important thing is not to scare yourself off before you have even started. One of the most off-putting things you can do is set your targets too high. If you immediately try and jump back into a level of fitness you may have been at in the past, you could quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed. As a result, you may feel deterred and lose your motivation.

So, set small targets, to begin with. Whether that is lowering the weight you lift, exercising for a shorter period of time, or even getting yourself out on a daily walk. Little steps lead to bigger steps!

The smaller the targets we set the more motivated to continue and grow we will feel when we achieve them. Keep achieving your starter goals and when you feel comfortable you can up the difficulty.

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Grab a Friend

If setting these smaller targets still feels challenging then find yourself a training buddy. Many of us feel more motivated when we are not alone. Starting off your exercise goals with a friend will help you to push yourself as well as your training buddy.

Helping someone else achieve their goals can make us feel proud and accomplished which in turn can be used as a positive feeling to motivate ourselves to reach our goals too.

It is important to choose your training buddy wisely. If they are someone who has no motivation at all you may find that the opposite effect happens whereby you both cancel or postpone starting your training. So make sure you choose someone who is willing to give it a good go and will help motivate you as much as you will them!

Try Something New!

Often we get bored if we are stuck doing the same thing day in, day out. You are likely to lose motivation to exercise because you constantly have the same routine. It’s time to shake things up!

Do something different, this could be anything from switching your workout days around to trying sports. If you are a regular gym-goer try doing some different exercises at home, go for a run or bike ride.

Or if you’re a home workout kind of person look for a free trial at your local gym. At Castle Gym we offer a free day pass that allows you to try out our facilities so you can decide if you want to take up a membership with us.

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Weight Is Not the Only Progress Tracker

Many people often get caught up on weight being the be-all and end-all of their exercise progress. However, don’t forget that there are many simple ways to track progression other than weight. For example, measurements, strength, body shape, pictures, or clothing.

Not everything is about what the scales say. Plus your fitness goal may not even be best targeted by weight. I.e if you are trying to grow your arm muscles, you should measure your muscle gain, not track your weight.

If your goal is weight loss but you feel you aren’t seeing enough progression, keep an eye on things such as your clothing size or body shape. One thing you should always remember about weight loss is you cannot target certain areas of the body.

Your body type will determine where you lose weight. You may find that you are losing fat evenly or it may be from certain areas first. This is why weight shouldn’t be your only progress tracker and how you can avoid losing motivation simply by understanding different tracking methods.

Everyone Progresses Differently

We all train differently, have different body types and have different diets. One of the most common reasons people say they lose motivation is by not seeing progression. There are a vast number of reasons why you can be progressing differently from others around you.

Progression within the first few months in particular can feel slow. Your body needs time to adapt to your new diet and/or fitness routine so do not get discouraged if you feel little change at the start.

Or maybe you are actually progressing but you may not see it. If you weigh or check yourself every day you are less likely to notice any big changes in comparison to if you check weekly or even monthly. 

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Make Training Fun!

This ties in similarly with our advice on switching up your routine. If you have the same old boring schedule you can lose enthusiasm and motivation very quickly. Add some fun to your training! Try different workouts such as Zumba or team sports which can help you feel energised with the added element of fun.

If you listen to the same workout playlist, try switching it up. Music can give you a whole new vibe that can change your mood and bring positive energy and vibrancy to your workout.


This is our most important piece of advice for how to keep up motivation. We all start exercising for a reason. Whether you have a goal, want to spend time with friends, or simply enjoy it. You started for a reason, and you should hold onto that and remember it to help you in times of doubt or hardship. 

The very thing that motivated you to start can be the thing that helps push you to carry on. Hold onto it and use it to fuel you.

We hope these tips will help you with starting or sustaining your workout journey.

If you still find that you are struggling for motivation by yourself or with your workout buddies, consider hiring a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will help you reach your goals and can be an extremely powerful tool for motivation.

To find out more about hiring a personal trainer at Castle Gym, click here.