Castle Gym Open

Open again! The Castle Gym Community tells us about their first month back

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It has officially been a month since Castle Gym and other fitness establishments across England were able to open again.

It felt like we waited a lifetime!

For many of us the struggle of having no gym to go to was more than just evident in our physique but in our mental health too.

Exercise is an important part of our physical and mental wellbeing.

To finally be back open is a relief, from a business standpoint of course, but more importantly for the welfare of our staff and our members.

We’ve spoken to both the staff and some members of Castle Gym to ask them how they have found being back in the gym again.

Owner of Castle Gym Luke said:

“Words don’t do justice to how happy I am that we’re back! Seeing the amount of positive energy return not just to members but to our staff too is really rewarding.

Physical health and mental health go hand in hand, and it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen an improvement since being able to train again.

I’d like to thank our community again for the support you gave us while we were closed. I hope you’re all enjoying being back as much as I am, old members, and the new.”

One member last night said he realised that:

“The gym is not just about keeping fit and strong physically but it’s so much better for you mentally. Especially at Castle Gym as you can’t buy the community that it has!”

Gym member Becca said:

“Although I’m quite new to Castle Gym I already feel welcome. I’ve found it difficult to train in the past due to various injuries and health problems, but my personal trainer here has been so helpful! Starting to feel strong for the first time!”

Gym Assistant Rae said:

“It’s been quite an obstacle this month with us being so busy seeing new and regular members. It’s been hard work but it’s so worth it to see everyone loving being back!

The gym comes to life when it’s busy. It’s so good to see so many different people in one place doing their thing and respecting one another and the gym.

It’s been challenging but tackling these challenges only makes us stronger and teaches us lessons in life. Priceless.”

Gym Assistant and Personal Trainer Rob said:

“I’ve loved the gym being open again. It’s really helped my mental health get stronger as well as my physical strength is getting better.

To see all the old members coming back is a real delight and to see all the new faces walking in the door just shows how much the gym means to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us since we reopened. We are absolutely thrilled to see you all again.”

Here’s to more training sessions at Castle Gym!

If you’re looking to join Castle Gym we have various membership options and even offer a free day pass so you can have a trial session.

Come and join the Castle Gym Community.