Castle Gym Reopening

Are You Ready for Gyms to Reopen?

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April 12th is getting closer by the minute! We want to know, are you ready for gyms to reopen?

Are you ready to come back?

Are you prepared?

We want to help you feel as ready and as confident as possible for the return of Castle Gym!

Big changes have been happening at our gym! From new equipment to the studio converting into a Covid testing centre temporarily.

With only the weekend left till our doors swing open again some of you may be itching to get back, while others may be struggling to regain motivation.

Here are some tips from the Castle Gym team to help you with your return.

Firstly, start moving!

This will help you so much. Mentally it’s been hard throughout lockdown, so we totally get it if you’ve had a bit of a setback.

Having the mental strength to get up and go out for a run, or do a home workout or even just getting out of bed has felt difficult over the past year. 

But, the time to start living again is now! 

We have our dates for when certain businesses are reopening when we can see loved ones again. Let’s not squander the chance we have to live life to the max again! 

We’ve all had a year of job difficulties, financial difficulties, missing loved ones, mental and physical health struggles. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and make the most of things. 

What can you do to get moving? 

Start walking, run up and down your stairs, go on family bike rides, anything! It’s not what you do that’s important, choose anything you feel comfortable doing to start you off again. 

Getting back into daily exercise will help improve your daily routine, your sleep pattern and your overall mental and physical health. 

If you’re planning on hitting the gyms when they reopen this is the best and most important thing you should do.

Your body will need time to adapt to moving again. It will need to adapt to physical exercise and the repairing.

It’s highly likely that you will experience DOMS (muscle soreness and repair) when you return to exercise. Overcoming this hurdle before gyms reopen will make things so much easier for you.

Use this weekend before the gyms reopen to slowly increase your physical activity to put yourself in the best position to come back.

Castle Gym jogging   

Secondly, don’t underestimate the power of stretching!

We all have a tendency to do the whole “eyes are bigger than our bellies” thing when it comes to food, but this is the same for exercise.

Just because you feel like you can go run a 5k or hit weight reps as you could before lockdown, doesn’t mean your body will agree!

Stretching will help you warm up those muscles that have been enjoying Netflix on the sofa, longer lie-ins, and winter food comas!

Stretching and allowing yourself time to ease back into exercise will decrease the chances of injury. No one wants to get injured when we’re only just being allowed back!

If you are a cardio lover, think about starting the intensity and length of training off easier than what you’re used to. Gradually increase the time and intensity when your body feels ready. 

If you are a weightlifter then consider returning to your normal routine by decreasing the weight and number of reps. Once you can feel that your muscles are ready, steadily increase either the weight or the reps.

Castle Gym stretching

Thirdly, be patient.

This ties into the previous point about making sure you ease your body back into exercise. But, more importantly, things will be different when gyms reopen.

Social distancing around machines will be necessary. 

You may find yourself having to adapt how you’re used to behaving in the gym.

Popular machines may have a wait, cleaning down machines after you use them will take time. 

The pandemic has changed how we are going to be able to operate gyms and how members will have to adapt their usual habits and expectations too.

Castle Gym patience

Finally, stay safe!

While gyms will be reopening on April 12th that doesn’t mean that Covid-19 has gone.

Our staff will be doing everything they can to keep the gym a safe, clean environment.

But, you, our members, will have a big part to play in keeping yourselves and each other safe.

Ensuring machines are cleaned down after you use them. Sanitising your hands, wearing a face-covering where possible.

Keeping your distance from others. 

Most importantly DO NOT come train at the gym if you have symptoms. You may think it’s just a cold or fever, but if you’re not sure, stay home. 

If you want to get tested to check if you are safe to come in, the Castle Gym Studio has been converted into a private testing facility.

Members will have discounted testing prices to book a test, Luke or a member of staff for more info. 

Rapid Testing Centre Nottingham

In short – Warm-Up, Prepare for Change, Stay Safe!

We look forward to welcoming you back to Castle Gym.


For more tips on how to stay safe in the gym check out our 8 simple steps to a clean, safe gym session here.