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How to Keep Safe When Gyms Reopen

In Castle Gym by marketing

There isn’t long now till gyms reopen and things are going to be different when we return.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed our lives over the last year. We all have the words “Hands, Space, Face” ingrained into our memories. Face masks are part of everyday life, as is sanitiser and being mindful of others. 

It’s been a struggle, we’ve been missing loved ones, shopping has been stressful, homes have become offices, and of course, we have missed the gym. 

At Castle Gym we have certainly been feeling the physical and mental strains of not being able to train regularly. 

But, we are coming back soon! 

April 12th is in all our calendars and we can’t wait to resume training.

However, as we said, things will be different.

Staff and members are all going to have to be mindful of the way we train and how we treat the gym. Although we are returning, the virus is still highly contagious and we will be doing all that we can to keep everyone who comes to Castle Gym safe.

One of the biggest parts of this will be keeping the gym and all the equipment clean. Our staff will of course be keeping the gym clean, but, when it comes to individual pieces of equipment this will be a joint effort. 

There will be cleaning equipment throughout the gym, from sanitiser spray to antibacterial wipes to cleaning spray and paper towels. 

It goes without saying that if you have any symptoms or think you may have the virus, please stay home! Or, if you want to be sure, you can get a test. 

The Castle Gym Studio has temporarily been converted into Rapid Testing Centre. It’s a private Covid testing facility with rapid covid tests available. Tests will be discounted for Castle Gym members so if you want to have a test get in touch with us.

To keep things simple we’ve put together 8 steps to have a clean, safe gym session at Castle Gym:

  1. Regularly clean or sanitise your hands, especially when you first arrive.
  2. Clean machines/weights before and after use with the cleaning products provided. Be sure to focus on main touchpoints such as handlebars, seats, buttons etc.
  3. Be mindful of others and keep your distance where possible.
  4. Do not use sweat towels or any other personal items to wipe down equipment, use the antibacterial cleaning products provided.
  5. Ensure you clean anything you have touched when at the gym, particularly when you’re sweating and breathing heavily. Remember to clean things such as phones and water bottles as well as the machines.
  6. Be careful when cleaning equipment with screens. Don’t let them get too damp and be sure to wait 20-30 seconds before using them for the cleaning products to dry.
  7. Bin any wipes/paper towels/tissues you use to help prevent spreading germs and to keep the gym clean and tidy.
  8. After you have finished your session and have cleaned the equipment, try not to touch any other equipment on your way out so you don’t have to clean it again.

These steps will be followed by all staff and we encourage our members to do so as well.

If we all do our part we can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and make Castle Gym a cleaner, safer space for everyone.