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Why is Fitness so Important for a Healthy Lifestyle?

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There’s a reason why health experts advise us to take fitness seriously and eat well. In fact, there are multiple reasons! 

I’m no doctor but I know the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. I practice these things and feel the benefits myself.

Most importantly to me, it helps me to manage stress. This past year in particular has been extremely testing for even the strongest of minds.

Personally, without the gym, I’ve found it’s been hard to keep that routine and motivation at home. 

A lot of friends, family and members of Castle Gym have messaged throughout lockdown needing help and telling me how much they’ve been struggling. 

Working out at home isn’t the same for most of us as going for a gym session. But, regardless of where you’re working out the benefits of exercise still apply. 

Firstly, listening to music can be very soothing on the mind for stress. Allowing your mind to lose itself in the rhythm and lyrics of your favourite songs can be great for your stress levels. 

Secondly, similarly to music, exercise allows us to focus on something, so we concentrate less on the stress and worries we may be feeling in life. 

Lastly, exercise doesn’t just have to be a crazy hardcore weights or cardio session. Doing some more calm, slow exercises in the form of yoga or pilates can be an excellent method of meditation. Calming the mind and body at the same time.

Studies have shown that fitness has also been proven to help knock out bad habits in exchange for good. 

For example smoking. 

Often smoking can be a habit that grows in the feeling of boredom and gets worse due to the addictive nicotine. Breaking this bad routine can be a difficult thing to do without help. Good thing there’s plenty of help out there! 

Medical help can always be sought out through the NHS, but a good accompaniment to this is exercise.

Firstly, smoking makes exercise harder due to the strain on your breathing, the effect of the tar in cigarettes on your lungs takes its toll. 

Feeling yourself grow in progress on the health of your lungs and overall fitness aids the progression of stopping smoking. It replaces a negative habit with a healthier, stronger feeling of fitness.

Fitness can help give us structure and create routines. Having set days and times to perform different types of training and exercise can significantly increase your overall well-being. It creates a natural, healthy plan for your body. 

Regularly draining your body’s energy will keep your body’s cycle and sleep clock in a better structure meaning you’ll be feeling more ready to smash the day ahead!

Regular exercise can significantly strengthen your heart, improve your body’s circulation and help you maintain a healthy weight or achieve weight loss (depends on your goals). 

Overall, you will look good and feel good.

As long as you let your body recover you will continue to feel the benefits of fitness.

As with everything in life moderation is key, don’t over-exercise and cause injury. Find the balance that is right for you.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Look Good, Feel Good.


Rae – Castle Gym