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Is a Personal Trainer Worth it?

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It can be difficult to know if having a personal trainer is right for you. 

When should you get one, how much will it cost, will it benefit me and help me reach my goals, do I even need one at all?

At Castle Gym we have a variety of specially trained and qualified personal trainers, we have multiple clients so if you need advice you can always speak to the trainers before you sign up.

So what should you consider if you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer?

The first thing that will spring to most people’s minds is: Can I afford it?

Of course, this is something that you will need to consider yourself, look over your finances and see if you are happy to pay for a personal trainer and if so, how regularly could you afford to have sessions? We do our best at Castle Gym to make our facilities and training as affordable as possible.

If your answer is no then these next few points won’t matter. You can still of course make maximum use of your gym sessions and our staff are always on hand to help you, we understand that personal trainers aren’t a financial option for everyone.

But, if you said yes then let’s take a look at your next things to consider…

The next question is: Do you understand how to use the equipment? 

Now, when we say this we don’t mean, yes I know that machine is a pull one for my arms or that one is a push one with my legs…you can learn that pretty quickly. 

What we mean is, do you understand how to operate it all safely?

Do you know all the exercises you can perform with them to train different muscle groups? Do you know how much weight you should be using? How many reps to do? The best method for correct usage?

If you are unsure of any of these points it may be right for you to hire a personal trainer, even if it’s just for a few sessions so you can understand the correct way for you to train.

If you find that their advice and training is useful then you can continue to grow and push for your goals with their help. Or if you can’t financially continue sessions or feel you can continue a good training regime alone then you can stop there.

This naturally leads us to the point of – What are your goals?

Understanding what you want to get out of the gym should be something you think of before you even step foot on the premises. What are you hoping to achieve by coming here?

A gym membership is as much of an investment as a personal trainer, you need to understand what you want to get from it in order to maximise the worth of your money. 

So, let’s say your goal is muscle gain.

You’ve been going to the gym for months and have seen some small improvements, but you’re not happy with your progress towards your goal.

What is it that you find difficult, is it motivation? Technique? Diet and nutrition?

There are a number of things you might think you’re doing right but could in fact be getting absolutely wrong for your particular goal or your body type.

Our personal trainers have years of experience and astonishing results. They can help you understand your body type to start off with, put together a plan that suits your current fitness level and body type, ensure you’re doing the right exercises, be there to push you and motivate you when you’re struggling to keep going.

Self-motivation and staying on track can be difficult for a lot of us under normal circumstances. Add onto that a global pandemic that has brought on numerous mental and physical health barriers and it is understandable that things may have slipped over the past year.

Our pts have been through this the same as you. They understand how hard it has been and are here to help you get back on the right track towards a happier and healthier you. Back to achieving your goals!

Following your own routine and advice can often only get you so far. That additional knowledge and drive that a personal trainer can give you can be the difference between you making the finish line of your goal, or stumbling at the halfway point.

Next up! Do you understand nutrition?

This one isn’t as simple as you may think. You might be eating healthily already, but what you might not understand is…

There is no one size fits all for fitness/muscle/weight goals!

Your body is unique to you, so a diet you searched up online may work for the weight loss goal you’re after but might not be the right one for you specifically.

Castle Gym’s personal trainers are qualified in nutritional advice and can help you make the appropriate diet plan that works for your body and your goals as an individual.

Here’s the next one, and this one is a little obvious, but we’ve included it anyway…

Are you an athlete/sporting professional?

If your answer is yes then you should definitely consider professional assistance. There are very few professionals in the sporting world who don’t have a personal trainer. They will look after your training, nutrition, and importantly – your recovery.

Finally, this one won’t apply to everyone, but it is important. 

Do you have an injury or condition that makes exercise difficult for you?

Perhaps you have a disability, or a repetitive injury, or anything else that makes training hard.

A personal trainer can help ensure you are only doing exercises that are safe and won’t cause any harm or injury.

They can also introduce gentle exercises that could help strengthen the affected muscles like you would be advised in physiotherapy. 

So, to conclude!

Not everyone will want a personal trainer, not everyone needs one. But, we’ve just given you a whole list of beneficial reasons why you should.

If we still haven’t done enough to convince you we have some reviews from our members:

Personal Trainer Reviews:

“Excellent gym. Everything you need is there and there’s always someone willing to spot you if needed. I’ve had a personal trainer there for a while now and they really know what they’re doing. Can’t recommend enough!”

“Fantastic gym and fantastic staff. Used to train here during my time at university. The boys were always there to motivate and push you through. To help elevate and encourage you to achieve your goals and targets.”

“By far the best facility around. This location is perfect so close to the city centre. From the staff to the equipment, to the facility itself. From the ownership to management, to the trainers. By far the nicest and most knowledgeable staff in the business today. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Castle Gym.”

If you are interested in hiring a personal trainer contact us for more information.


Rebecca – Castle Gym