How to Get the Most out of Your Gym Session

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Are you new to gym life? Or perhaps you already are a regular at Castle Gym but don’t feel like you’re making the most out of your visits?

I’m Rob, a Personal Trainer and staff member at Castle Gym and I’ll be sharing my tips with you on how to get the best out of every gym session.

The first and most important thing is preparation

Begin your preparation by setting a day and time when you want to go to the gym, think about how many times you’re going to go as well. Set your alarms, put them in your calendar and stick to what you plan.

Find a structure that works for your individual needs. Are you a morning, day, or evening gym-goer? What suits you best based on your energy levels, sleep and work routines.

So, you’ve set your time, now it’s time to make sure your body has enough fuel before training.

Good meal planning and preparation is just as important as your warm-up at the gym.

Working out on an empty stomach can lead to serious problems: feeling sick, dizzy, light-headed, low on energy, possibly even putting yourself at risk of passing out.

Planning a healthy meal with slow-release energy at least an hour before your workout is the optimum way to fuel up for a good training session.

Next up, set out what you are training.

Everyone hears people say things like “Monday is arm day, Tuesday is cardio, Wednesday is leg day” (and so on). The thing is, this is actually a good thing to do! 

Having your training goal/plan set out before you begin. This will allow you to make the best possible use of your time at the gym.

Not only that, but it also means you are allowing appropriate amounts of time to rest other areas of your body. 

On that note, think about what exercises you are doing and the order you want to do them in. Let’s say you’ve chosen today to be a leg day, think about what exactly you’re doing. Squats, lunges, weights, choose an order and decide on how many reps. 

Understand your limits, learn your body and how many reps you can do, how much weight you can lift or press.

If you’re new to the gym or not sure then always start low and build up. You can always add more weight or do more reps, but if you start off too high you could end up injuring yourself.

This one might not sound that obvious but have a backup!

By this I mean have a backup exercise incase the machine you wanted is being used. Never assume you’re going to get exactly what you want on your visit, there are other members too.

But don’t worry, all our members are considerate and have good gym etiquette so you’ll rotate in time.

Set out rest times between sets and exercises. I know, people want to look macho and hardcore at the gym – NO!

Allow yourself time to breathe and rest between sets. This is going to be more beneficial than punishing your body by continuously training.

Calm down your ego and listen to your body, understand when it needs a few minutes to rehydrate, rest, breathe.

Hand in hand with this point is: have your recovery plan in place for after training. As well as taking short rests during your gym session you need to think about how your body needs to recover once you’ve left. 

Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair so think about this when you’re planning a post-workout meal.

Not that I should need to say this, but, get enough sleep! Your body naturally recovers and repairs during your hours of sleep. Aside from needing energy for your workout, it’s also essential for preventing injuries and muscle repair.

Combine all these factors and you’re onto a winner!

If you need more advice on how to make the most of your gym session you can always ask me or any of the staff at Castle Gym.


Rob – Castle Gym