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10 Reasons Why Castle Gym is the Best Gym in Nottingham

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There are a number of awesome gyms in and around Nottingham each with their own unique characteristics and perks. But…we’re here to tell you why we think Castle Gym is the Best in Nottingham!

  1. Firstly! We are a small business owned by local Bulwell boy Luke Willmott! Our gym is run by the Nottinghamshire community through and through. In every aspect of the gym, the staff, the equipment, the heart, it’s all Nottingham.

By choosing Castle Gym you are choosing to support local.

  1. Our friendly staff will always be there to support you, greet you with a friendly smile, and help you when you need it. All our staff have training and qualifications with specialised training in various areas such as weight loss, cardio, nutrition, circuit training and more! We will look after during your time at Castle Gym. 

We also have multiple personal trainers so if you’re new and need help with your training, or you’re an athlete or bodybuilder wanting help with motivation and staying on track we have the expert staff for you!

  1. In everything we do we put our members first. Your training, well-being, mental health, and overall gym experience is our absolute top priority. Large corporate profiteering isn’t our style, unlike chain brands, our team gets to know you and understand your gym needs on a personal level.

What else makes us the best? 

  1. We have great prices and flexible membership options that will suit anyone! From pay as you go to, monthly memberships, even a cardio only membership if you’re not one for weights. Our top priority is your fitness, health and wellbeing, and mental health. Our prices are as low as possible to make the gym accessible to all.
  1. Not only that, we also have a try before you sign up!

Castle Gym has a FREE day pass scheme where you can come try our gym for free for 1 day so that you can experience what it would be like to train here.

Try all the equipment, check out all the rooms, meet the staff. If you love it then you can sign up and continue to train with us!

If you’re still reading and need more reasons then… 

  1. Did you know that, unlike most gyms, Castle Gym has classic hardcore equipment? 

We are a very traditional gym which is rare to find now in the UK. We have over 100 pieces of hardcore equipment and over 10,000kgs of weights across 4 rooms.

This equipment is built from solid metal unlike modern plastic-based machinery so it can handle bigger stacks of weight. The operation of the machines is run through chains instead of cables giving you that real feeling of traditional metal training.

  1. We’re super accessible!

Castle Gym is in the heart of Nottingham’s city centre, this central location means we’re easy to travel to by bus, bike, car, train, tram and more!

Based on Castle Boulevard street we’re a short walk from the station and the square so you won’t have a hard time getting to us.

Now we hear you, parking in the city centre is a nightmare, and it’s crazy expensive, especially if you’re wanting to come in and train for a few hours.

Well, don’t worry! At Castle Gym we have free on-site parking so you can come and train without the hassle of the centre’s parking prices.

  1. One of the best things about Castle Gym being locally owned is that on the odd occasion at the gym you might encounter a friendly four-legged boy called Milo.

He is a mental health dog who loves Castle Gym and his owner Luke. 

If you are an animal lover he’ll be more than happy to give you cuddles. Or even test your strength with some friendly tug of war on the ropes.

Milo is fully licensed and visits many schools, shops, care homes and more across Nottinghamshire providing mental health therapy.

If we still haven’t convinced you yet then…

  1. Did you know that Castle Gym has done multiple charity campaigns, specifically supporting locally based charities? 

Luke and the team at Castle Gym value the local area. We thoroughly believe in supporting charity and working with the local community to improve Nottinghamshire. We have helped youths of Nottingham, the homeless, and donated over 1000 bottles of sanitiser to local care homes and businesses across the county during the pandemic.

  1. Finally, to help get everyone back into the gyms in April we’re running an opening membership offer of just £2!

To sign up and claim this offer click here and enter the code “BACK2GYM”.

To celebrate the amazing women in our community as well we have “Free Friday Training” for all women.

We’re also looking for 10 Heroes of Nottingham; local heroes nominated by you who have gone above and beyond to each receive an amazing FREE 10-week package. If you want to apply yourself or nominate someone you know, click here.

So, have we convinced you that we’re the best? If you’ve answered yes come sign up or try us with a free pass. If you’re saying no, get yourself a free day pass and let us try to change your mind at the gym.

Already a member with us and love Castle Gym? We’d love for you to drop us a Google Review

Stay safe everyone. Train hard. We’ll see you soon!


Castle Gym Team!